2014-12-07Initiation Class - 2014-12-07 :
This is the process of initiation, wherein a person with a conditioned mentality now becomes a soul surrendered to Krishna, this is what initiation is all about, the process of surrender and devotion.... Click here to download the full transcript.
2014-03-18Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 11.3.25 - 2014-03-18 :
One should try to live a simple life and not try to complicate one’s life by increasing the so called “necessities of life” which are actually not necessities. It is to make us think what is not actually necessary is necessary. Therefore we artificially accumulate belongings, get attached to them and they become the source of distraction from Krsna consciousness... Click here to download the full transcript.
2014-02-22Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 11.3.23 - 2014-02-22 :
It is important to know the qualifications of both a bonafide spiritual master and a bonafide disciple. It is only when the disciple and the spiritual master are bonafide, then the combination can yield something that is very fruitful... Click here to download the full transcript.
2013-08-12Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 11.3.44 - 2013-08-12 :
Fear arises because one is forgetful of Krishna and when one involves oneself in service to Krishna, then there is no fear. Therefore, the way to get rid of maya is to become a pure devotee. And how does one attain pure devotion?... Click here to download the full transcript.
2013-01-26Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 11.2 - Introduction - 2013-01-26 :
The word “Bhagavata dharma” is basically Krsna consciousness... Krsna consciousness means to be conscious of Krsna with love. So our movement is called the Krsna Consciousness movement. Srila Prabhupada used to say that the two most important words we have in our dictionary are “Krsna” and “conscious”. So we have to be conscious of Krsna. In other words, we have to constantly think of Krsna with devotion... Click here to download the full transcript.
2010-03-24Ram Navami Lecture - 2010-03-24 :
So He has expanded himself into innumerable forms, like the original candle expands into so many other candles, and each particular expansion has a particular purpose, a particular mission, a particular mood and an ambience in which He appears and exists also, eternally, in the spiritual world... Click here to download the full transcript.
99-2014-12 The Spirit of Giving - 2014-12 :
If humanity has to be sane, if the society has to be stable, if our relationships have to be warm and friendly and loving and trusting and if we have to be internally happy then we must have good relationships with people and also the ‘spirit of giving’ has to be cultivated. Without that it is not possible. As a general principle, if we make it a point to always give more than we receive and if everyone thinks like that, this world will be the spiritual world. This world will actually become heaven – spiritual heaven. But to the degree that we do not wish to give, we do not wish to sacrifice, we do not wish to share and to the degree we want things for ourselves, including our independence, then we find these problems emerging.
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99-2016-03-02 Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 1.19.12 - 2016-03-02 :
The superior person is acting in the mode of goodness, because he is very thoughtful, consults everybody, gets different opinions, understands things, sees if they are in accordance with dharma or not and then proceeds after thoughtful consideration. A person in the mode of passion is generally proud. So out of his pride he thinks I can deal with it myself. I am intelligent enough, I am capable enough and even though he actually may be so, he may be intelligent and capable but that action may not be the wisest thing to do. Because even though one may be intelligent, one is not perfect. So that is the person in the mode of passion. And as far as the mode of ignorance, yes, a person in the mode of ignorance doesn’t believe in God, he doesn’t have a sense of duty, acts whimsically, doesn’t know what is beneficial, and what is not… And then what about the transcendental decisions which go beyond the three modes of nature? We put Krishna in the center and devotees in the center.
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99-2013-09-14 Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam 11.02.47 - 2013-09-14 :
In the story of Sakshi Gopal, we see how the deity not only just spoke to the young Brahmin but also walked behind him for a long distance all the way from Vrindavan to South India which is many, many thousands of kilometers. So the deity is indeed an authorized form of the Lord.
The Lord very kindly accepts the form of the deity or manifests Himself in the form of the deity to accept our service and to give us His darshan otherwise we would have no way of knowing how the Lord looks. We will just be able to hear the descriptions but we will not be able to see with our eyes. So the picture of the Lord or painting of the Lord is also a deity.
Deities can be made of different substances. The Srimad Bhagavatam states that you can have eight types deities made of stone, wood, clay, metal, jewels, paint, sand and finally the mind.
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